Attention! This term is fan-made. It is not used in game, and thus it is considered non-canon.

Princess Cisna using Ancient Magic

Ancient Magic is a branch of Magic which is force that helps the Knights.


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After Leonard discovers the Ark of the White Knight underneath Balandor castle, Princess Cisna uses the Ancient Magic that lay dormant within her, not fully aware of what she is doing. This awakens the Knight's power fully, allowing Leonard to defeat Belcitane's rampaging creature, the pyredaemos.

Later, the party witnesses Cisna reciting another spell that breaks the seal of the Argent Shield in the desert ruins of the Lagnish Desert. Leonard then uses the shield to gain the edge in his battle against another of Belcitane's gigantes there. Cisna also uses these magical chants to break the seals of the Dragon Knight and the Sun King, though the latter was performed against her will because of Grazel's threats.

It is also shown that the Ancient Magic is capable of doing other things, namely feats such as carrying Cisna's voice from aboard the Magi's monoship down to the area where Leonard's Team was dueling the Black Knight for possession of the sword, Talion.


The only two wielders of Ancient Magic are Queen Mureas, and Princess Cisna, her reincarnated soul.