The Athwan Empire was a country that fought against the Yshrenian Empire during the Dogma Age. When they had the upper hand against Yshrenia, Yshrenia counter-attacked with the grand weapons called Incorruptus. Eventually a troll named Thaumus was given the sword Talion which was the only weapon that can destroy a Knight and their soul. But Thaumus was eventually killed and the knights still intact, but then decided to seal the knights away to never be used. The plan did infact work but at a heavy cost, many of the Athwani's most gifted sages and leaders perished and the people of the Athwan Empire who became disllusional with the war revolted and started a civil war that killed the queen. When their Queen Mureas was killed, their Empire was destroyed along with the Yshrenian Empire, and Eldore sent himself into 10,000 years into the future to find and protect her reincarnated Spirit believing he failed to protect the queen.