WKC - Avatar
Japanese Name:
Race: Human
Nationality: Balandor
Age: Player's Choice
Eye Color: Player's Choice
Hair Color: Player's Choice
First Appearance: White Knight Chronicles
Affiliations: Leonard's Team
Occupation(s): Rappaci's Wines assistant
Incorruptus: Avatar's Knight As of Game 2
Weapon: Player's Choice
Relative: None
Voice Actor: Player's Choice (English & Japanese)

The Avatar is a character that the player of the game can customize, who accompanis the main cast throughout the game.


Avatar is the character the player creates and customizes in the pre-game Character Customization screen. The character can either be male or female, and a number of options are given to the player as to how they want this character to look. Additionally, the character can be named by the player, though it is never said in-game.

The Avatar is a new employee at the wine shop where Leonard also works, joining him from the beginning. The Avatar is also the only character that can be used in the online Guild Rank Quests, and the only person who can visit Georama.


The Avatar is unique among playable characters as only the Avatar has no restrictions to which weapon skills they can learn. Additionally through Reincarnation the Avatar can gain extra skill points and thus possess more skills than any other character.


  • The Avatar could be compared to Sancho Panza of Don Quixote, being the sidekick to the titicular White Knight as well as the player's eyes in the story.
  • The Avatar only speaks during combat.
  • The Avatar is only directly spoken to twice in the beginning of the main story, but only referred to as "the new guy" or "the new girl".
  • The Avatar is the only character you have control over during the full length of the games.
    • The Avatar is not playable when Leonard helps Cisna escape and finds the White Knight at the beginning of the first game. The Avatar is also not playable when Scardigne helps Miu escape from Faria at the beginning of the second game and technically unplayable/uncontrollable when Yulie must look for clues to the location of the Moon Maiden's ark (the last one really being nitpicky).