Avatar's Knight
Japanese Name:
Race: Knight
Nationality: Balandor
Age: Newly Created
Eye Color: Player's Choice
Hair Color: Player's Choice
First Appearance: White Knight Chronicles II
Affiliations: Balandor
Occupation(s): Knight
Incorruptus: Itself
Weapon: Player's Choice
Relative: Avatar (Pactmaker)
Voice Actor: Player's Choice (English & Japanese)

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The Knight's Ark is a top and is activated when it is spun. Depending on the weapon, the activation scene will vary.

Acquiring the KnightEdit

White Knight Chronicles 2 - Getting Your Knight - MINOR SPOLIERS!!!

White Knight Chronicles 2 - Getting Your Knight - MINOR SPOLIERS!!!

Video showing the Cutscenes involved with unlocking the Avatar Knight

To unlock the Avatar's Knight the player must go to Balandor after receiving a gift from Don Phibianacci for saving the city of Albana from the Ysherenian forces. You will meet a new character named Framboise. Interested in the item, she asks to borrow it for scientific experimentation. One should return later to speak with her, and she will say her experiments resulted in odd reactions that caused small black holes to form across the planet.

One must then go to the Guild and select the Level 55+ Bounty Quest, "Knight Moves". Then make your way to Dogma Rift and investigate the only black hole that has appeared in the area. Once you there, you will encounter a Grey Knight. Defeat it in order to finish the quest.

After completing the quest, go back and clear the bounty in a guild shop. Make your way back to Balandor Castle and talk to Framboise. You will be rewarded with the Avatar's Knight.

File TransferEdit

Should one use White Knight Chronicles II's New Game+ feature, the Avatar will retain their Knight as its inclusion is optional.

Though should one go back to do the first story arc within White Knight Chronicles II Disk, all stats and items will be lost including the Knight; however, the player will get it back as soon as they start the second storyline should they continue using their original data via the New Game+ Feature.



Colors are available customizations, and you get four colors for your Knight. They are all shades of greenish blue or solid green when you receive it. To get more colors, you must gather materials from various quests and items from the story as it progresses. They can also be acquired from the Binding posts.


Parts can be acquired by gathering different items, materials, or full parts of armor during quests and the storyline.

You can bind these from the Incorruptus Workshop located in all cities; the parts availability depend on your Guild Rank (GR). Parts are also found in rifts.

Jewel PointsEdit

Jewel Points are received so you can upgrade your Knight's armor, stats, and weapons. To increase your Jewel Points, you must Upgrade Your Knight's Core Unit.

These are called Artifact Points in the European version of the game.

Core UnitEdit

The Core Unit is the large jewel in the middle of the Knight's chest. It can increase your battle performance such as accuracy, attack, defense, Hit Points (HP), and Magic. When you strengthen your Core Unit, you receive more Jewel Points to upgrade your Knight.


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