Axes are heavy weapons that inflict alot of damage. They are often better used on large monsters to inflict alot of damage and finishing the battle quicker. Below is a list of Axes that are in WKC, there are a total of 22 axes.

Name Lv.
Battle Axe 5+
Warrior's Axe 10+
Broad Axe 10+
Bardiche 15+
Great Axe 20+
Heavy Axe 25+
Hero's Axe 30+
Bullova 30+
Forest Keeper 39+
Djinn's Greataxe 43+
Castleguard's Axe 44+
Ice Carver 47+
Gaia's Maul 49+
Demon's Axe 49+
Giant's Great Axe 50+
Sacred Axe 50+
Dark Stalker 50+
Guardian Axe 50+
Gorgon Axe 50+
satan's Bullova 50+
Archdemon's Axe 50+
Harpy's Axe 50+

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