Baccea is a location in WKC and is located in Frass Chasm. It is inhabited by a group of Paupitaurs that call themselves "Windwalkers". They collect gas from a massive creature suited specially for Frass Chasm called the Greaver, which is very valuable in Greede. They have advanced technology, such as Windships and bombs. Their Leader is Osmund and you save one named Rocco, who later saves you from being blown to bits.


This village worships the troll Thamaus for protecting their ancestors during the Dogma War. It resembles a Native American

The Head Windwalker: Osmund

village. It is unknown how Osmund became the leader of Baccea. They helped Balandor and Faria during the Second Dogma war.


  • Osmund, the chief of the tribe
  • Rocco, a little Papitaur


General StoreEdit

A place to buy merchandise to help you in the wild.


A store where you buy weapons and armor as well as enhance them to help you fight monsters in the wild.

Adventure's GuildEdit

A Guild that you must participate in quests to use weapons and earn trophies. You can raise your Guild Rank by finishing or earning S Ranks of Quests.


A story to buy Jewelry in to enhance your magic and stats in battle.

Binding PostEdit

A post run by Don Phibiannachi who's toads can bind weapons together for some items and a small fee.


A place for Baccea's Paupitaurs to eat, socialize, hang out, and drink. No significance to story in this town.