Japanese Name:
Race: Human
Nationality: Unknown
Age: Lates 40s (deceased)
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Gray
First Appearance: White Knight Chronicles
Affiliations: Magi
Occupation(s): Magi Commander
Incorruptus: None
Weapon: Magic
Relative: Unknown
Voice Actor: Dana Snyder

Belcitane aka the "Harlequin Hellraiser" was one of the Magi commanders and General Dragias's right hand man.


Not much is known about Belcitane except that he is quite malicious and ingenious. These qualities earned him a spot on Dragias's convoy and a spot in the Magi upper hierarchy. He is also a powerful mage but not powerful enough to impress Grazel.


White Knight ChroniclesEdit

Belcitane is the main antagonist for an early part of the first game. He attacks Balandor alongside General Dragias, successfully capturing Princess Cisna. When he realizes that Leonard has become the pactmaker to the White Knight, he annoyingly complains about him being a "kink" in their future plans.

He deters Leonard and his friends through most of their journey across the land, most notably the Lagnish Desert, and makes a final stand in the Bunker Lode Ruins, there he is defeated once in normal form and secondly in a Gigas form.

He is killed by Shapur by a Flame Lance due to his unimpressive display up to that point, he then cries out to his Master Grazel to save himself before he is fully dead.

White Knight Chronicles IIEdit

When Leonard and his team go back in time to the day the Magi attack Balandor to save Archduke Dalam's life, they encounter Belcitane. He is about to murder Dalam when the group arrive. They defeat Belcitane's men but do not harm him. But Belcitane catches up to the group in Greydall Plain. With two Gigas at his side, he attacks. After his men fall he throws a knife at Miu but Dalam leaps in its way to safe her. Counting this as a success, Belcitane leaves.

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