Bigelows are long distance communication birds that appear in WKC. If one Bigelow sees something, the other

Blue Bigelow

will show it in a blue holagraphic image. Eldore uses a blue and pink Bigelow in WKC to find out where Princess Cisna is located. Bigelows are seemingly native to the continent, as Yulie knows about them, and in a quest you must find a black one.


Bigelows are small, round, pudgy owl-like birds that can come in different colors. The only ones known are pink, blue, brown, and black. They have very large ears as well, and this may contribute to giving sound to their communications.


  • Grazel has a small, brown Bigelow.
  • Eldore's pink Bigelow can be seen trying to keep up with the monoship after Cisna and Leonard's first Bigelow conversation.

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