Dinivas the Black Knight
Japanese Name: 黒騎士
Race: Knight
Nationality: Yshrenia
Age: Timeless
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Black and Yellow
First Appearance: White Knight Chronicles
Affiliations: Magi
Occupation(s): Knight
Incorruptus: Itself
Weapon: Dark Blade
Relative: Former Pact Makers
Kara (Stolen)
Shapur (Deceased)
Voice Actor:

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"Oh Dinivas, deliverer of dark and dread, ruler of the ancient shadows, grant me your power. Verto!"


Dinivas is a seven-meter tall weapon of war made by people known as the Ancients. It was used during the Dogma War.

Before the story of White Knight Chronicles begins, the Black Knight was found by the Magi. The Knight was originally wielded by Kara under the guise of General Dragias until she was betrayed by the Magi and killed by Shapur, who became the Black Knight's new pactmaker.

The ark is a black blade and is activated when the sword is unsheathed; wings unfold as the blade is freed.

Battle TacticsEdit


Black Knight's wings

Much like its counterpart, the White Knight, Dinivas is a sword-wielding warrior that uses a rapier. It's fighting style is very similar to the Longsword skill set, which is odd given that his blade is a one-handed sword.

The Black Knight can also extend a set of bird-like wings from its back that gives it flight capabilities and it can also use dark magic spells.


  • Dark Blade


  • Despite being named Dinivas in its incantation, the Black Knight is often referred to as Ebonwings.
  • The Black Knight is noticeably scrawnier compared to the other Knights.
  • The Black Knight is one of two Knights to have gained an alternate form called the Black Usurper. This form was achieved when Shapur forced himself and Kara to transform into the Black Knight.(In order for the Black Uspurer to summon the pactmaker and another person have to summon him


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