Bows are long-range weapons. The bow can be used effectively when fighting close-range monsters. There are a total of 22 bows in WKC.

Name Lv.
Hickory Bow 1+
Bone Bow 5+
Hunting Bow 10+
Wooden Bow 10+
Composite Bow 15+
Dragonbone Bow 20+
Glided Bow 20+
Silver Bow 25+
Elegant Bow 30+
Dark Marksman 38+
Sylvianstrong Bow 43+
Heavy Bow 44+
Demon Bow 49+
Shigeto Bow 47+
Eternity Bow 49+
Greedesteel Bow 50+
Faerie Bow 50+
Archdemon Bow 50+
Sacred Bow 50+
Dominion Bow 50+
Artemis' Bow 50+
Apollo's Bow 50+

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