The Bunker Lode Ruins are a series of mines that are located near Greede.

Bunker Lode Caverns

Greede depends on these caverns, which holds it's independance against Balandor and Faria. Mining here is seasonal, as the Demithor is "down" when it is off season, and it's hooked onto the caverns during mining season.


To The RuinsEdit

You must pull 3 levers that are located throughout the 1st level and guarded by Magi. Go down a level and proceed to the ruins. It is very wise to save your game before you proceed to the next area.


Boss FightEdit

Pair of Gigas

Harlequin Hellraiser Belcitane

Guardian of Dragonkind: Dragon Matriarch

Demon Tyrant Sargatanas


Earth Dragon

Fire Dragon

Black Knave


Earth Elemental

Magi Soldiers


Fire Lizard

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