Japanese Name:
Race: Farian
Nationality: Faria
Age: Late 60s (deceased)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Green
First Appearance: White Knight Chronicles
Affiliations: Faria
Occupation(s): Archduke of Faria (formerly)
Incorruptus: None
Weapon: Magic
Relative: Miu (granddaughter)
Voice Actor: Micheal Ensign

Archduke Dalam was the ruler of Faria. Not much is known about him except he was also Miu's grandfather.


Dalam was in a large war with the forces of Balandor since King Valtos's wife Floraine was supposedly murdered by a Faraian assassin. After many years of war Valtos came to Dalam with a proposal of peace to be held during his daughter Cisna's eighteenth birthday. He readily accepted the proposal.


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White Knight ChroniclesEdit

The Winey KnightEdit

Dalam came to the peace conference at the Princess Ball, there he asks Cyrus about details and boringly makes his way to the castle.

He was assassinated during the ball by Magi forces. Sarvain believes that his murder will lead Faria's military to blame Balandor and restart their war like the Magi planned.

White Knight Chronicles IIEdit

As Leonard's Team goes back in time to save him, Belcitane ruthlessly pursues them. After being injured and nearly saved, Dalam sacrifices himself to save Miu from a knife that Belcitane threw at her. Despite his death, he dies happily knowing peace can come between the two nations as he trusts everything to Miu giving her a royal crest.


The Archduke can cast Divine Magic spell, Heal, and Elemental Magic spell, Fireball.