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The Demon Knight

he Demon Knight is a devilish incarnation of Wizel the White Knight, used by Madoras in the final battle. He has horns and a jewel in the middle of his chest, which is similar to the Sun King's. He also has a demonic face under his helmet, as well as a more sinister-looking armor.

It's Knight Ark seems to be Madoras' Sun Staff.


Emperor Madoras, after his resurrection, used Leonard's White Knight to battle Cisna and the group. However, since Madoras is controlling Leonard's body, it's appearance changed to match Madoras' tastes, further indicating that he now owns control of the Knight.

Interestingly, the emperor of Yshrenia retains the ability to use the Demon Knight after raising Vellgander, even though he no longer possess The White Knight or Leonard's body. He's also able to call it without the need to utter an invocation.

It is unknown if it's power is equal (or greater) than that of the White Knight. However, the Demon Knight's power, endurance (and possibly speed) could possibly make it the strongest of all the Knights, being able to take on and requiring an entire group of Knights to defeat (although it is possible that Madoras was what made it so powerful).

In battle, he used sword slashes combined with powerful magic spells (surely belonging to Madoras in the first place).

Battle TacticsEdit

Battle with Demon Knight (not me)

Battle with Demon Knight

The Demon Knight is far more powerful than the other Knights. Many of his attacks can nearly deplete one's health with a single blow. His attacks are similar to those of the White Knight, but mixed with dark magic.

The Demon Knight can disappear at any time. He can create powerful explosions of dark energy that covers the entire area. A whirlwind-like attack that covers a smaller area.


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