Downloadable Content, DLC for short, is extra features one can add to their game via an internet based source.

White Knight Chronicles DLCEdit

Make Over TicketEdit

Enables characters to edit and alter their Avatar when ever they are at a save spot. Make Over Tickets can only be used once though, so for those who want to make multiple edits must buy multiple tickets

White Knight Chronicles II DLCEdit

Pre-Oder DLCEdit

Those who managed to pre-order White Knight Chronicles II from their local Game-Stop would receive special equipment for the characters in-game. The White Knights Helmet, Shield, and original Sword.

This DLC has become available for those in the U.K. for purchase off PSN.

Concierge OutfitsEdit

WKC 2 DLC Gear - Concierge outfits01:21

WKC 2 DLC Gear - Concierge outfits

Concierge Outfits are special accessories that allow one to wear a outfits based on official characters over their armor. They will never be covered and can be worn by anyone within the gender limitations.

Once you purchase these outfits off playstation network you must go and buy them in-game from the Adventurer's Guild using Dahlia points earned from doing quests. All the concierge Outfits cost 1000D.

Being accessories they add +5 to DEF and +5 to RES.

Concierge Outfits that can be worm by Male characters
Concierge Outfits that can be worm by Female characters

More Coming SoonEdit

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