Frass Chasm is a canyon inhabited by many bugs. A gigantic monster, called the Greaver, lives here. This is the place where the Windwalkers live, and collect Greaver Gas to sell for alot of guilder back in Greede. It has similar landscape to the Dogma Rift. It is here where a mounument was built to honor Thaumus the troll for fighting the Yshrenian Empire.


  • Rocco, one of the Papitaur Windwalkers from Baccea
  • Windwalkers, a tribe of Papitaur that harvest the Greaver smell


Bug TrailEdit

Frass Chasm is easy to navigate until after Baccea. Wait until the Dandelions are blowing north, eccept for a few. Once you get to the final area, it is smooth sailing. TIP: For the areas with 2 Greavers and a bunch of other things, summon the Dragon and White Knight at the same time, so each can take 1 of them.






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