Greydall Plain

Greydall Plain is a mountainous-plain region in WKC. It is no longer traveled, as it has been overrun by Monsters. There are many memorials here, in order to honor a family. It also has a river, lake, and sea-view. It is the passageway to the mountains. Leonard and Yulie use to play here when they were kids. It is the place where Cyrus, Caesar, Yulie, and Balandor's Knights fought to protect Balandor from the Magi, Gigas, and the Sun King.


Greydall Plain has no real importance in WKC, however it is the battlground for Balandor in WKC 2.

Nordia HuntEdit

The Nordia Tunnels are located on the Northeast corner of Greydall Plain.

WKC 2: Defence Against the MagiEdit

You must use the Dragon Knight, Moon Princess, and White Knight to protect Balandor against Grazel and the Sun King!


Boss FightEdit

The White Beast: Ahwahnee


Svlyian Savage Troll



Fatal Flower

Giant Vespid

Wild Boar



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