Incantations are split up into five different sections in order to summon a Knights. Each incantation begins with Oh with the name of the Knights procedding it, has the word ancient in it, and ends with Verto! with means Transform!. After a incantation, a Knights can be summoned until their magic runs out.

Knight's IncantationsEdit

Wizel the White KnightEdit

O Wizel, White Warrior, Wielder of the Ancient Sword, Grant Me Your Power! Verto!

Dinivas the Black KnightEdit

O Dinivas, Deliverer of Dark and Dread, Ruler of the Ancient Shadows, Grant Me Your Power! Verto!

Larvayne the Dragon KnightEdit

O Larvayne, Vermillion Drake, Leveler of Ancient Lands, Grant Me Your Power! Verto!

Luthia the Moon PrincessEdit

O Luthia, Argent Goddess, Beacon of the Ancient Night, Grant Me Your Power! Verto!

Adolmaea the Sun KingEdit

O Adolmaea, Shining Sovereign, Supreme Light Of The Ancient Skies, Grant Me Your Power! Verto!

Avatar's Incorruptus/ Reconstruction of a KnightEdit