Magi Fortress

The Magi Organization is a group of villains that have a dark motive. The King of Balandor Valtos was aware of their doings and had been keeping checks on them; however they've never been a true threat. Belcitane appears with General Dragias leading the Magi into Balandor on pretense that they are a traveling circus during the Princess Ball. During said charade, they assassinate Valtos and Faria Archduke Dalam.

The Magi HQ is located on Red Horn Island that is apparently well protected.

Leonard and his team run into them many times during the games, they come in many forms.

According to game 2, the Magi proclaim themselves the next Yshrenian Empire and wage war with all the nations of the world, namely Balandor and Faria. They apparantly lose the war and their HQ (the island itself) is destroyed when the monster Brimflamme goes mad.


Former MembersEdit

  • Kara: Former pactmaker of the Black Knight (defected)
  • Belcitane: Dragias's right-hand man, (deceased)


How the group was set up is unknown however it is known that they are "worshipers" of Ancients or more specifically the Yshrenia Empire whom Grazel believes himself to be the successor of their Emperor. Grazel believes that the world should be purified by him because of advancements in Humanity.

Dogma WarEdit

The Magi were the successors to the Yshrenian Empire. They were also the one who created the Knights to destroy the Athwan Empire. The Magi want the Knights in a similar manner to destroy their enemies and "purify" the world.


The Magi have a huge army for an organization that isn't apart of any country. As seen in the end of game 1 the army is not only resourceful and diverse, but it is ridiculously huge. It is big enough to combat the Alliance Balandor queen Cisna creates alongside the Farians, Windwalkers, and people of Greede.

  • Magi Swordsmen: Magi warriors that utilize sword abilities
  • Magi Axemen: Magi warriors that utilize axe abilities
  • Magi Wizard: Magi warriors that utilize magic abilities
  • Magi Spearman: Magi warriors that utilize spear abilities
  • Magi Archer: Magi warriors that utilize bow abilities
  • Magi Captain: Commanders of the Magi warriors that utilize sword abilities
  • Black Knave: Magi titans that serve as the Magi armies heavy hitters
  • Black Dragons: Magi tamed dragons



Magi warships

The Magi seem to have the technology of Greede, as they have flying monoships, tanks, and battleships. Their technology surpasses even modern-day technology. They also produce Power Core's to power these different war machines. The Magi are also in possession of the Sun King and Black Knight.

  • Monoships
  • Magiships
  • Super Cannon, known as the Act of God