Luthia the Moon Maiden
Japanese Name: 月姫
Race: Knight
Nationality: Yshrenia
Age: Timeless
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Violet
First Appearance: White Knight Chronicles II
Affiliations: Balandor
Occupation(s): Knight
Incorruptus: Itself
Weapon: Bow
Relative: Yulie (Pactmaker)
Voice Actor:

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O' Luthia, argent goddess and beacon in the ancient night, grant me your power. Verto!


Luthia the Moon Maiden is the fifth and final Knight created by the Ancients and was used during the Dogma War. She was found in the tree of Father Yggdra in Faria, while the Ark was somewhere in the Van Haven Waste. The Moon Maiden's pactmaker is Yulie.

The ark is a bow and arrow.

Battle TacticsEdit

The Moon Maiden utilizes a powerful bow and arrow to attack from a distance. Luthia is able to cast healing magic during battle.

The Moon Maiden can also fly.


Goddess Bow


  • Luthia is the only female Knight.
  • While the other Knights excel at close-quarter combat, Luthia is the only knight to excel long-range combat.


  • Moon Maiden CG Render
  • The moon maiden's ark
  • Moon Maiden
  • Moon Maiden aiming at Monoships
  • Yulie shoots the Moon to Activate the Moon Maiden
  • Moon Maiden's Silhouette
  • Moon Maiden Preparing for Battle
  • Moon Maiden pactmaker Yulie
  • Moon Maiden