"Whatever I please. The Pactmakers were merely tools of war."
Madoras on what he has done and the Pactmakers. —

A Pactmaker is a person who is connected with a Knights. Their pact with Knight last till their death. Once the Pactmaker dies, anyone can make a pact with a knight. However, sometimes a knight can reject a current Pactmaker for a new one. This happened in the Black Knight's case when it chose Shapur over Kara.

Pactmakers were originally babies, because Knights are fuelled with pure energy, and this energy comes from babies which for obvious reasons can't fight.

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There are possibly no current Pactmakers since their powers returned to Madoras when they caused the Final Awakening, channelling power into Leonard and the White Knight to act as Madoras' anchor, this is expanded by the Knights appearance on GeoNet's Secret Veruganda missions where they act as bosses defending the team's rise to battling Madoras.


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