Parma Village

Parma is a town introduced in WKC and is the Hometown of Yulie. In this town is where Rapacci rented a beastwain for Leonard, Avatar, and Yulie to escort through Balastor Plain. It is known for it's wine, relaxation, beauty, and food.


  • Yulie: A childhood friend of Leonard who sometimes helps at Rapacci's wines
  • Raus: A sleepy creature who drives the Beastwain, but people say he drinks to much


The Shops that are located in Parma are...

General StoreEdit

A Store where Heal Potions, Healing Items, etc. are sold.


The Jeweler is where to buy accessories that enhane your ability in battle.


A place where you can buy basic or advanced weapons to use against monsters on you quests! Enhancing is also a option. This armoury is the first that you can buy a bow from.

Adventurer's GuildEdit

A Guild that ranks you depending on your Guild Rank. Guild Ranks can be raised by S Ranking quests that you sign up for.


A bar where prople go to hang out, socialize, and drink. No importance in this Bar for advancing the plot.