Princess Cisna's Coming-Of-Age Day Ball was a ball organized for celebrating Princess Cisna's eighteenth birthday and double as a peace conference between the forces of Balandor and Faria. It was arranged by King of Balandor, King Valtos.


Coming-of-age day ball was arranged by King Valtos because of two things he wanted to do: celebrate his only child's eighteenth birthday and make peace with the nation's long standing enemy the Farians. Things were going well as it was later revealed that the Farians wanted peace all along but terrorists kept the war going causing both sides to accuse each other.

Some time after the start of ball the Magi Organization attacked killing both leaders and kidnapping the Princess. It was later revealed that Head of State "Sarvain" was actually a high ranking Magi and killed Valtos as an inside job.

Known ParticipantsEdit

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