Raus is an early guest character from White Knight Chronicles. He is a Papitaur who lives in Village of Parma. He sometimes drink. As most of papitaurs, he is capable of controlling a beastwain.


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After the Leonard and Avatar arrives at Parma, they encounter Yulie who says that Raus will be a wine cart's beastwain's driver. After a while the party manages to find him near a trunk at farmhouse's patch drinking alcohol. Yulie wakes him and party is preparing to head back to Balandor.

While travelling across Balastor Plain party encounters troll, who probably found them by the smell of wine. Leonard, Yulie, and Avatar defeat the enemy and head back to Balandor.

At Castle's gate the party delivers the wine.

Later in the game, he can be found inside the tavern in Parma

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Raus doesn't actually fight - he rather to stay out of trouble and let others handle the foes.

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