The confusing endless maze of desert, at the heart is the ruins unearthed in the cataclysm.


  • Lena, Kara's sister who is held captive by Belcitane, this is why kara tried to kill Leonard.


  • Scorpions, Large insects with deadly pinsers and tails
  • Killer Vespad, Large flying insects with a killing sting
  • Fire Elemental, nature spirits that summon fire to attack enemies
  • Fire Troll, huge creatures that will attack anyone around
  • Golem, these creatures made from the earth itself
  • Wild Boar, massive wild animals looking for nothing other than prey
  • Alphaena gigas, Magi summons a gigas
  • Betaena giga, magi summons a gigas
  • ??
  • Grand gigas, All three gigas merge using Lena as a human sacrifice


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