Japanese Name:
Race: Human
Farian in disguise
Nationality: Faria
Age: 18(physically)
Eye Color: Violet/Red
Hair Color: Blonde
Green in disguise
First Appearance: Game 2
Affiliations: Leonard's Team
Occupation(s): Genneral of Faria
Miu's protector
Incorruptus: None
Weapon: Katana
Relative: Unknown
Voice Actor: Troy Baker (English)

Keiji Fujiwara(Japanese)

Scardigne (Pronounced "Scar-dayne") is a general in Faria that aids Miu during the civil war in Faria. In reality "he" is Kara in disguise as a man.


Not much is known about him, but his overall "Protect someone at the cost of my life" attitude makes him seem like an honorable man. He trusts Leonard enough to allow his team assist in protecting Miu and restoring her political power.

Synopsis (SPOILERS)Edit

Awakening of Light and DarknessEdit

Scardyne joins forces with Leonard to restore Miu to power in Faria. After a long grueling battle, they are successful. He then aids Yulie, Eldore, and Cyrus as Osmund guides them to a place where Yulie becomes the pactmaker to the Moon maiden

He then helps Queen Cisna, Eldore, and Cyrus as they go back in time to fight the General Dragias that killed King Valtos. After risking his life blocking his attack, his mask is knocked off to reveal that he is really the dancing assassin Kara to her old allies and new enemies.


Scardyne appears to be a firm weilder of the katana.


He has typical Farian battle armor with a helmet that resembles the Black Knight's helmet. He has the same capes as the Sun King, with one on each shoulder, and a longsword.


  • His name seems to be a take-off of the word "Guardian"
  • Scardyne is in fact, Kara, and it is unknown if he would have revealed himself later in the game as Kara if not for the removal of his helmet from the attack by Dragias.
  • Scardigne's armor is available for DLC as part of the "Concierge" category on PSN. his armor can be worn by a character of either gender, referencing the fact that even though he is Kara, a woman, in disguise, the persona is meant to be male.
  • Scardigne's armor is a somewhat tribute to the villanous Knights.(Sun Kings twin capes and the Black Knight's feathers on his helmet.)
  • Kara desguising her self as a man is possibly a references to Nintendos Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In which the games Princess, Zelda, would wear mens clothing and pose as a man named Sheik, claiming the be the last of the Sheikah in order to guide the games protagonist; Link, without being discovered by the games antagonist; Ganondorf.

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