Setti is the forth Pactmaker whom is contracted to Sun King. He was named Glasel by his adopted father (Hypothetical) however he later became mad with power and he then came to name himself Grazel, however a piece of the Setti that once was lived on within Grazel's mind.

Background Edit

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Hypothetical History Edit

Dogma WarsEdit

It is unknown if Setti and the present Pactmakers actually played a part in the Dogma Wars, it is possible as the Knights were sealed away during the same battle they were a part of. Regardless Setti was sealed within the ancient Dogma Hall along with Leonard, Caesar, Kara, and Yulie.

As Grazel and His YouthEdit

The ancient Dogma Hall "resurfaced" 10,000 Years Later when an Earthquake happened and the people of Sinka Village came to investigate the ruins, there the first Sin Knights (the White Knight, Black Knight, Dragon Knight and and the Moon Princess) were found. Setti was the eldest of the Five Pactmakers found in Dogma Hall at the age of Five and had forgotten the memories of his past life, he was adopted by the village elder Midias as his own son and was given the name Glasel, he enjoyed watching his "Siblings" live a life happy in Sinka Village.

Soon however he was contacted by Clyde Ledam, who convinced him that he carried the blood of Emperor Madras, and that it was his destiny to rebuild the Ithurenia Empire. Midias tried to stop Glasel but Glasel ultimately killed him, due to the betrayal of his adopted father it seems that went seemingly mad with power and the Darker Personality known as Grazel came about, Setti lost all power over his body and went dormant as Grazel joined (or possibly made) the Magi Organization.

White Knight ChroniclesEdit

Setti is a young researcher who lives in Balandor and son to Medius. Leonard and his group originally come to Balandor looking for his father, but when a woman reveals to the group the fate of Medius, they instead set off in search of Setti, who was last seen gathering rocks in the fields. They find Setti in a cave in Balastor Plain and save him from a group of trolls.

Once back in Balador, Setti explains to the group about the Dogma War, the reason the Knights were built and how the Knights are powered. Before he could go into much detail, however, he asks the group to leave, fearing that someone has been watching him over the last couple of days.

Before they leave, the group all agrees to meet Setti at the gate of Balandor and set off for Sinca Village, the place where it all began. However, as the group waited at the gate a large explosion occurred setting Setti's house on fire, leaving his whereabouts unknown. It is revealed that Setti had not died in the explosion, but had instead escaped earlier, fearing for his life. He later travels up to Baccea to meet up with Leonard and the rest of the group. Once reunited, they continue out west to their original destination, Sinca Village. He joins the party as a guest and leads Leonard and the rest of the group through the Van Haven Wasteland to the Dogma Rift.

Along the way, they stop in at Sinca Village and Setti finally is able to explain that his father, Medius, was the leader of Sinca Village when a rift opened in the earth, revealing the White Knight. Also within the rift were four infants and one youth, who Setti reveals to be Leonard, Caesar and Kara. He also tells the group that they were lead here by someone, and reveals that Eldore is in fact one of the Ancients who traveled through time.

When Eldore leaves, Setti takes control of the party, telling them to continue forward to the Dogma Rift. At the Ruined Palace, he tells the group to camp outside of the palace, as the monsters inside were too many.

That night, Magi sneak into the camp and prepare to kill the group in their sleep, however Leonard and his party come out to comfort Setti. Caesar mentions how at Baccea Settis' boots were completely dirt free and that the only way to have gotten up there without any dirt would have been to fly. It is then revealed that Setti is infact Grazel.


Setti uses a bow in combat. He is also well read in ancient texts, knowing much more about the Knights and the Dogma War then any other character in the game. This also leads him to have his suspicions on Eldore.


  • Setti appears to suffer from multiple personality disorder, as there are times when it appears that Setti genuinely wants to help the group. He also mentions that his time is almost up, raising the possibility that Grazel may not have complete control over Setti. - This led to the Hypothetical History that Setti was the original Pactmaker and Grazel could be his feelings of betrayal when it came to his father turning on him.
  • Some of the Data on here is Hypothetical, meaning it is a theory or guess due to observation in the game, it doesn't mean that it is wrong until it is proven otherwise however.
  • In Farria, near the logic stone just before the shrine there is a farian called Wallace very similar to Setti