Skill Tree is a system of learning abilities in White Knight Chronicles.

Acquiring Skill PointsEdit

Skill Points are "currency" of Skill Tree. Every character starts with four Skill Points. Each character that will rise his/her level will gained additional four Skill Points. In total, two hundred Skill Points can be acquired. It is possible to accumulate total of three hundred and sixty Skill Points by a special event which will add some Skill Points in cost of dropping one character's level by 15.

Skill TreesEdit

Skill Trees AvailabilityEdit

The table below shows which Skill Trees are available to each character.
Skill TreeAvatarLeonardYulieEldoreKaraCaesar
Spear Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Bow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Axe Yes Yes No No No Yes
Staff Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Divine Magic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elemental Magic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes