Spears are small, quick attacking weapons that do minor damage. This weapon is used by the Dragon Knight. There a total of 22 spears in WKC.

Name Lv.
Spear 5+
Harpoon 8+
Pike 10+
Glaive 15+
Preying Mantis 20+
Halberd 25+
Partisan 25+
Castleguard Spear 30+
Dragonfly 38+
Silver Lance 48+
Geist Pike 49+
Demon Lance 49+
Iron Ji 50+
Emerald Spear 50+
Flame Spear 50+
Ox Tongue 50+
Guardian Spear 50+
Ice-Dragon Lance 50+
Hero's Lance 50+
Hellion Lance 50+
Archdemon Lance 50+
Tsukuyomi 50+

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