Staffs are weak weapons mostly used on small enemies. They can be very powerful when used with spells. There are a total of 22 staffs in WKC, All staffs listed below are from wkc and there are more in wkc2

Name Lv.
Oaken Staff 1+
Eldertree Staff 3+
Bone Rod 5+
Maul 10+
Copper Crosier 15+
Conjurer's Staff 20+
Silver Croiser 20+
Sorcerer's Wand 25+
Buster Maul 30+
Crystal Rod 39+
Earth Staff 43+
Sage Rod 44+
Staff of Kulkulkan 45+
Demon Staff 49+
Ice Rod 49+
Devil Rod 50+
Flame Wand 50+
Storm Rod 50+
Archdemon Staff 50+
Staff of Camaxil 50+
Staff of Ra 50+
Wind-Dragon Staff 50+

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