Adolmaea the Sun King
Japanese Name: 太陽王
Race: Knight
Nationality: Yshrenia
Age: Timeless
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: None
First Appearance: White Knight Chronicles
Affiliations: Magi
Occupation(s): Knight
Incorruptus: Itself
Weapon: Double-Sword
Relative: Grazel (Pactmaker)
Voice Actor:

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"O Adolmaea, shining sovereign, supreme light of the ancient skies, grant me your power. Verto!"


Adolmaea the Sun King is one of the Knights made by people known as the Ancients and was used during the Dogma War. It originally served as Emperor Madoras' personal Incorruptus during the war.

Ten thousand years later Grazel was chosen as the new pactmaker. The ark is a white and gold mask; it is activated when the pactmaker puts the mask on.

Battle TacticsEdit

As Madoras's former Knight during the Dogma war, it's safe to assume that the Sun King is the most powerful of the Incorruptus and the Knights informal leader. It is capable of wingless flight and levitation, light and fire magic-based attacks, and wields a double-sword that can be split into two blades and wielded individually.

Adolmaea's armor is uniquely durable as it appeared undamaged despite a combined assault of the Dragon Knight and the Moon Maiden. The Sun King's armor can only be damaged by the holy sword Falcyos, a blade created by the Athwani mages.


Double Sword and Spear


  • The Sun King is the largest and tallest of all the Knights standing at what appears to be at least ten meters tall.


  • Sun King
  • Sun King