City of Faria

The Archduchy of Faria is the capital of the Nation of Faria, that was introduced in White Knight Chronicles II that was once Balandor's enemy, and also were thought to be responsible for Queen Floraine's assassination but were later revealed to be framed. They later became their ally against the Magi. It is here where Yulie learns the location of the Moon Maiden's Ark.


After Princess Cisna's ball and Archduke Dalam's assassination, Faria became enemies with Balandor, until Leonard and party made peace again by saving Miu, with them joining Balandor in the war against Grazel. They did this all under the command of Archduke Dalam's daughter, the new Archduchess Miu of Faria, under the protection of General Scardigne. The people of Faria travel by gondolas and canals that span throughout the city.

Known RulersEdit


General StoreEdit

A place to buy healing items to help on your journey.


A store to buy armor and weapons as well as enhance the for fights against monsters of the wild and the Magi.


A store that sells Jewelry to help enhance your magic and stats.

Adventure's GuildEdit

A Guild for your Avatar. Earn more guild points to enhance and use weapons. You can earn GP by S Ranking or finishing quests.

Binding PostEdit

A post run by Don Phibiannachi that can bind equipment together.


A place to hang out, socialize, and drink.

Repair ShopEdit

A place that can dismantle or repair your equipment.

Trivia Edit

  • In the English version of White Knight Chronicles 2, many Farians speak with a slight French accent.