Balandor is the Capital of the Nation of Balandor. It is a port city located Northeast on the World Map, as well as a large city. It's area includes Parma Village, Balastor Plain, Greydall Plain, and the Nordia Tunnels.


The Kingdom of Balandor is a prosperous kingdom. It is a lively city divided into the lower, middle and upper class, with a massive castle in the farthest area back. It resembles a medieval age Kingdom and the protagonist grew up here. It is the sucessor of the Athwan Empire.

Known RulersEdit


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White Knight ChroniclesEdit

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General StoreEdit

A place to buy Potions, Mana Potions, Etc.


A place to buy weapons and armor to help with fighting against the monsters of the wild. Enhancing is another option.


A place to buy Jewelry to enhance your battle abilities and magic.

Georama BuilderEdit

A place to buy a online town called Georama. You can buy accessories to add to Georama.

Adventure's GuildEdit

A place to buy Quests. You can can raise your Guild Rank to earn weapons and Trophies. Raise it buy finishing or S Ranking Quests.