There are a total of 24 Trophies in White Knight Chronicles. Here is a guide to get all of them.

Platinum TrophyEdit

Platinum Crown: Earn All WKC Trophies

Bronze TrophiesEdit

Item Dabbler: Earn 100 Different Items

Equipment Dabbler: Buy 50 different kinds of Weapons/Armor

Bronze Star: Learn a entire set of Skills

Bronze Horns: Kill 100 Monsters

Mercanary's Badge: S Rank 5 Quests

Toadstone: Bind 50 Items

Bronze Medal: Raise Guild Rank to 4

Bronze Coin Purse: Earn 100,000 Guilder

Silver TrophiesEdit

Item Collector: Collect 300 different items

Equipment Collector: Collect 200 different kinds of Armor/Weapons

Silver Horns: Slay 3000 Monsters

Professional's Badge: S Rank 20 Quests

Anura's Ruby: Bind 200 items

Silver Medal: Raise Guild Rank to 8

Silver Coin Purse: Earn 1,000,000 guilder

Gold TrophiesEdit

Item Maniac: Collect 600 different items

Equipment Maniac: Collect 500 Weapons/Armor

Gold Star: Learn 8 sets of skills

Gold Horns: Kill 10,000 Monsters

Perfectionist's Badge: S Rank 50 quests

Phibiannachi's Diamond: Bind 450 items

Gold Medal: Raise Guild Rank to 12

Gold Coin Purse: Earn 10,000,000 Guilder

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