Japanese Name: シズナ姫
Race: Human
Nationality: Balandor
Age: Late 40s (deceased)
Eye Color: Dark
Hair Color: Gray (Brown in youth)
First Appearance: Game 1
Affiliations: Balandor
Occupation(s): King of Balandor (formerly)
Incorruptus: None
Weapon: Sword
Relative: Floraine (Wife, deceased)
Cisna (Daughter)
Cyrus (adopted Son)
Voice Actor: Michio Hazama (Japanese)
Bob Joles (English)

King Valtos was the king of Balandor. He was apparently well loved by the people despite the long and grueling war he was in with Faria.


One night, his wife Floraine was assassinated by a Farian right in front of his young daughter Cisna's eyes. This caused him great grief and the conflict between the two nations escalated. However, Valtos began to see the war in its true light. No one was gaining on either side so he approached the Archduke of Faria, Dalam with a peace treaty to be held on his daughter's eighteenth birthday to which he accepted.


White Knight ChroniclesEdit

Valtos spoke to his aide Sarvain about Cisna's muteness and why he chose to make peace with the Farians instead of continuing to fight them. He also wished that Cisna would speak again and that he would give his own life to hear her voice again.

During the ball, Magi forces attack and he tried to take Cisna to safety but he was assassinated by General Dragias and upon his death, he hears Cisna begging for him not to die and leave her alone. He becomes filled with joy upon hearing her voice again and knowing she truly did love him and passes on in peace.