The Van Haven Waste is a large western-style area home to many types of monsters. It is the only passageway to Sinca Village and is very hard to navigate. It's underground tunnels are rich with minerals, with the water eroding the earth for tens-of thousands of years. It is were the Moon Princess' Ark is hidden.


White Knight ChroniclesEdit

To get to the center of the tunnels (has a Logic Stone in it), you must find your way to the only open door, the south entrance. After reaching it, head west until you run into Sinca Village.

White Knight Chronicles 2Edit

It is unknown at this time of anything else, but we do know is that you must fight the Magi Army here and find the Moon Princess' Ark.


Boss FightsEdit

Moon Princess Phantom

Ventus Wyvern and Solum Wyvern


Ice Dragon

Wind Dragon

Vulcanian Destroyer Pyredaemos

Ice Giant

Magi Outpost




Ice Lizard

Wind Elemental

Ice Elemental

Fire Elemental


Wild Boar

Killer Scorpian

Poison Vespid

Waterspider Sprog


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