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White Knight Chronicles: Origins is a PSP game developed by Level-5 and Japan Studio. It was announced September 11, 2010 and released on June 8, 2011 worldwide. Its story revolves around ancient conflict known as Dogma War through the eyes of a group of mercenaries called "Mobile Corps".



10,000 years before the events of the original White Knight Chronicles, nation ruled over the continent, but one day the nation split apart, and thus the Dogma Wars begin. In those wars Yshrenian Empire with their incorrupti were unstoppable, every nation they attacked, fell. Only one nation matched the Yshrenian Empire's power, the Athwan Empire.

The player controls an unnamed silent protagonist, an Athwan Empire citizen, whose town is under attack by the Yshrenian Empire. The protagonist is saved by the Mobile Corps after facing the White Knight. Thus your life as a mercenary begins.


  • White Knight - Main character who you'll name.
  • Arietta - Mobile Corps member, chroma specialist.
  • Cassius - A new character who is formerly an Athwani war general and a superb swordsman.
  • Erudasu - A new character who is an Athwani military tactician and a man that the protagonist's will first meet during the White Knight's invasion at Xarmgand (The Protagonist's hometown).
  • Yumando - A new character.
  • Eldore - man charged in protection of Queen Mureas.


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