Vellgander (Yshrenia's Capital)

The Yshrenian Empire is the country that created the grand weapons called the Incorruptus and fought the Athwan Empire during the Dogma Age.

They slaughtered the Athwani with their Knights until a troll named Thaumus was given the magical sword Talion, it is rumoured the sword the power that can completely destroy a Knight's Armour.

However, the sword never destroyed any of the Knight's and Thaumus was later killed. But Queen Mureas and her sages were able to use their ancient magic to seal each Knight away. They were then very weak but had their magicians killed many Athwani until both sides were so weak they were completely decimated. Their Emperor Madoras is thought to be reincarnated into the Magi Leader Grazel 10,000 years later. This was proven to be false as Grazel was never the reincarnation of Emperor Madoras, in fact, Leonard was indeed the reincarnation or doppelganger of Madoras. Madoras then plans to some how to rebuild his empire, destroy Mureas and rule the world.